Your Flight Crew

Brian Lund

Co-Owner, Pilot, Cam Op

Brian Lund is an Emmy Award Winning, 26-year veteran of the television and movie Post Production industry. Starting in the biz January of 1996 in the film vault at a VFX Post House, he climbed his way to the top of his trade as an Online Editor.

He has worked on such shows as “The Simpsons” (for 17 years), “Station 19”, “Scandal”, “This Is Us”, “House”, “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?”, “The George Lopez Show”, “Medium”, “The Shield”, and “The West Wing”, just to name a few.

Wanting to expand his trade craft and pursue the future of cinematography, drones were the next venture to conquer. As an sUAS Part 107 Certified Pilot, Brian enjoys manning the sticks of the fleet of Quad-Copters used by LZ Droneworks.

He is also a certified SCUBA diver and has dove all over the world shooting underwater seascapes in exotic locations such as The Bahamas, Roatan, Costa Rica, Tahiti, Fiji, and Thailand.  

With all his experience in terrestrial, underwater, aerial cinematography and Post Production, he brings a unique and experienced eye to drone work. His decades-long experience in Television and Film will be an asset to your aerial project.     

Dan Zealand

Co-Owner, Pilot, Cam Op

Dan Zealand is a 24-year veteran of the Film and Television industry. Dan's career began as a stills photographer, back when cameras were still film-based! Seizing on an opportunity to get into Post Production, he started as a Tape Op/Dubber and quickly transitioned into the Telecine Department as a Telecine Assist, ultimately moving up to being a Telecine Colorist.

Dan has brought his talents to a multitude of commercials, music videos, and TV shows, including “Just Shoot Me”, “CSI”, “The West Wing”, “The Riches”, and “The Shield”.

Expanding into the Production world, he quickly established himself as a knowledgeable and reliable First Assistant Director. This position in the industry gave him the opportunity to work on expanding his experience in commercials, promos, music videos, and film work. Dan has a unique ability to see cinematography from both a Production and Post Production perspective. His love of photography and a lifelong passion for aviation inspired him to become an sUAS Pilot and Camera Operator.

With Dan’s vast experience and imagination, LZ Droneworks will capture your creative vision. We will make your ideas come alive on the screen!

Jen Zealand

Co-Owner, Pilot, Cam Op, Executive Producer

Jen Zealand is a freelance Production Coordinator in the film industry with a focus on commercials, as well as having experience in music videos and short features.

She fell into Production Assistant work in the Spring of 2015, quickly transitioned into the Production Office, and began Coordinating a year later. In her 7 years, she has worked with a diverse number of clients and production companies, from up-and-coming independent filmmakers to multi-billion dollar corporations. Jen thrives on one of the industry’s hidden perks; being able to connect with so many talented, creative, and inspiring people from all walks of life.

Filmmaking, photography, and acting have always been passions for her, so she thought it would be incredible to experience and share the world from new heights. As Co-Owner, Pilot, and Camera Operator of LZ Droneworks, she's motivated by capturing content as a UAS Remote Pilot in Command, while concurrently managing accounts and producing projects for LZ Droneworks.

Please feel free to reach out via phone, text, or email should you require aerial assistance on your next project. Thank you so much, we’re looking forward to working with you!